The Society of Research Administrators International maintains 12 certificate programs encompassing every aspect of Research Administration – Hospitals, Universities, Nonprofits and Commercial Institutions. SRA International’s certificate programs offer comprehensive training specific to today’s educational needs of research administrators. 

The six (6) certificates that will be offered in full at the 2018 SRA International Annual Meeting are below. The full certificate schedule will be posted online no later than end of July:

About Research Development (RD)

The Research Development certificate is designed for specialists who work with researchers to improve the number, size and quality of their grant proposals, and who participate in the development of strategies and practices to enhance and expand the institution’s research agenda. The certificate’s aims are: 1) to support new and ongoing initiatives that will grow the institution’s position in sponsored research; 2) to provide strategic direction and expert support for the institutional research enterprise; 3) to develop investigator capacity to submit more and better individual proposals; 4) to improve the success rate of proposals submitted by the institution, especially those targeted to larger, more complex grant programs.

Ultimately, holders of this certificate should be equipped to play a proactive role in fostering the professional development of researchers and expanding the institution’s overall portfolio of funded research. Participants in this certificate program can serve in a variety of roles in their institution, whether central or in a college/ department/ center/institute location, and may combine direct research development work with other research administration functions. Certificate holders might be part of a central academic affairs function or part of/complementary to research administration. Some certificate seekers may participate in strategic planning or institutional initiatives related to complex, large-scale collaborative projects while others may work with individual researchers. Research development is an ongoing process that will continue to change and respond to the larger research environment, funding opportunities and emerging issues.The two (2) required half-day workshops for this certificate are WS19: Fundamentals of Research Development AND WS25: Strategic Planning for Institutional and Individual Research Development .

Two (2) half-day workshops and seven (7) concurrent sessions (four (4) required sessions; three (3) elective sessions)

Download the Certificate Tracking booklet here.

About Practice of Research Administration and Management (PRAM) - NO on-sites available

The Practice of Research Administration and Management (PRAM) certificate focuses on the supervision and organization of research activities from an organization management perspective. Core content for the certificate emphasizes leadership development, research administration staffing and management, research and faculty development, innovation and economic development, and integrity and stewardship. The required workshop for this certificate is WS13: Leadership Bootcamp.

The certificate is appropriate for research administrators who are generally at a Director or higher-level within an organization and who are involved in organization decision-making activities affecting the research enterprise. 

A letter of support is required to participate in the PRAM workshop and complete the certificate. Apply here for the workshop. 

Submit a letter of recommendation from your supervisor supporting your position within the organization and your participation in the workshop. Apply for the workshop here. 

The support letters will be evaluated by the PRAM Certificate Reviewers and individuals will be notified about their acceptance. Upon acceptance, SRAI will work with the individual to finalize the registration.

Letters of recommendation should identify the following:
  • The individual’s title and role in the organization. If the individual does not hold a Director level title, an explanation of why the individual should participate in PRAM should be provided.
  • How does this person participate in organizational decision-making activities affecting the research enterprise? These can be activities of a financial, infrastructure, or strategic nature. If the person interacts with senior level organizational officials, cabinet, and/or board members, please explain how.
One (1) full-day workshop and five (5) concurrent sessions (must take one (1) session within each of the five (5) required categories; three (3) elective sessions from the specified sessions for this certificate)

About Research Law (RL)

The "theory of everything" (TOE) is a hypothetical theory studied in theoretical physics that is intended to fully explain and link together all known physical phenomena. The Research Law certificate is similar to TOE in that it attempts to explain and link together all known issues of research administration. Legal issues arise throughout research, starting with intellectual property issues, continuing through contract and grant matters, and living on in post research licensing, "derivative works disputes," and post-clinical trial liability questions. The Research Law certificate is for both new research administrators who need a basic approach for recognizing the legal issues that they will face daily and for the more experienced administrator who works with general counsel and outside attorneys on a daily basis. Because there are so many legal issues in research, the curriculum is very broad and constantly changing to address new issues confronting scientists, research administrators and their attorneys. The required full-day workshop for this certificate is WS16:Introduction to Research Law. 

One (1) full-day workshop and five (5) concurrent sessions (must take one (1) session within each of the four (4) required categories; one (1) elective sessions from either category)

Download the Certificate Tracking booklet here. 

About Research Integrity (RI)

The Research Integrity Certificate provides a foundation for identifying, understanding and addressing the complex ethical dimensions of conducting research. Those completing the certificate program will have obtained a basic understanding of topics associated with research integrity - including cultural aspects, goals for facilitating research integrity, and strategies for creating an institutional culture that values ethical and responsible practices in research. Topics addressed may include data ownership and management, social responsibility, animal welfare and human subjects protection, peer review, collaboration, mentoring, authorship, research misconduct, international research and conflict of interest and commitment. The required half-day workshop for this certificate is WS29: Introduction to Research Integrity.


The certificate provides educational enrichment for those with interests and shared responsibilities associated with ethical dimensions in the conduct of research including research administrators, senior management, executives, and members of compliance review boards (e.g., IRB, IACUC, ESCRO). The certificate program is also recommended for investigators with an interest in addressing NIH and NSF training requirements specific to research ethics education. Participants complete requirements within three years.

Educational Objectives:

  • Participants completing the certificate program will be able to:
  • Describe broadly the dimensions of research ethics including core areas generally associated with responsible conduct of research.
  • Articulate the relationship between ethical research principles, practices and compliance in ensuring integrity in research.
  • List tools, resources and approaches that are available to help promote research integrity within the research institution.

One (1) half-day workshop and six (6) concurrent sessions (five (5) required sessions from each topic area; one (1) elective session)

Download the Certificate Tracking booklet here. 

About National Institutes of Health Grants Fundamentals (NIH)

The certificate in National Institutes of Health Grants was produced by SRA International for the benefit of its members who manage NIH grants. It was produced solely by SRA International, and is not an official program of the NIH.

The NIH Grants Management certificate provides a foundation in grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). As the NIH is the single largest federal grant-awarding agency, the program is perfect both for someone new to research administration and for research administrators expanding their knowledge of federal funding agencies. The curriculum - anchored by the full-day workshop, "NIH Fundamentals" - provides an overview to the procedures and policies essential to preparing successful applications to and managing grant awards from the National Institutes of Health. The required full-day workshop for this certificate is WS17: National Institute of Health (NIH) Fundamentals.

One (1) full-day workshop and six (6) concurrent sessions (must take three (3) required session from each one of the required categories; three (3) elective sessions)

Download the Certificate Tracking booklet here. 

About Financial Management (FM)

The financial research administration series is designed for new and intermediate administrators responsible for providing financial support on a pre- or post-award basis. The certificate content is also applicable to mid- and upper-level administrators who assume oversight responsibility for financial management of sponsored program activity and to support staff responsible for developing financial and compliance management systems. The certificate provides an understanding of the regulatory foundation for the direct and indirect costing of sponsored program activity, financial management decision-making and system development. The required full-day workshop for this certificate is WS15: It's About the Monday. 

One (1) full-day workshop and seven (7) concurrent sessions (must take four (4) required sessions and three (3) elective sessions)

Download the Certificate Tracking booklet here. 

About Certificate Tracking Booklet 

The tracking booklet allows members to easily record their progress. Pick up a Certificate Tracking Booklet at registration and obtain a sticker at the conclusion of each workshop or session. Once all coursework has been completed turn in your documentation to Registration at the meeting or e-mail it to srameetings@srainternational.org to receive your certificate of completion. If you attended a workshop or session at a previous SRA meeting, list the meeting on the line next to the course. SRA staff will verify your attendance at previous meetings

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