About SRAI Certificate Program

The Society of Research Administrators International maintains 10 certificate programs encompassing every aspect of Research Administration – Hospitals, Universities, Nonprofits, and Commercial Institutions. SRA International’s certificate programs offer comprehensive training specific to today’s educational needs of research administrators. 
  • The curriculum for each program includes a required half-day or full-day workshop, four (4) to eight (8) required sessions, and four (4) to six (6) elective sessions.
  • Certificate program course credit is earned and awarded only if full SRAI membership is in effect at the time the course is taken. In other words, only full members may receive credit for taking certificate program workshops and sessions. Chapter members, non-members and those with lapsed membership will not receive educational credit for any certificate program sessions or workshops taken during this time.
  • SRAI members have up to three years to complete the courses from a specific certificate program requirement, allowing you greater flexibility to manage time, travel and budget constraints. 

The four (4) certificates that will be offered in full at the 2019 SRAI Annual Meeting are: 

About Pre-Award (PA)

The best preparation for a successful funding decision is the solid planning and preparation on the variety of issues needed to submit a high quality competitive proposal. The work of pre-award research administrators prepares the way for successful implementation of the funded project. The Pre-Award Certificate provides instruction in the broad scope of responsibility for research administrators who work with investigators to plan, develop, and prepare grant proposals for submission, and who trouble-shoot with various agency personnel, institutional administrators, and investigators to ensure all issues are clarified before an award is made. The program features workshops and sessions on finding and disseminating funding opportunity information, proposal development and submission, budget preparation, award review and acceptance, post-submission communications, the responsible and ethical conduct of research, eRA systems, and other relevant topics. The two required half-day workshops for this certificate are WS17: Proposal Development: Pre-Award Overview & WS24: Proposal Budget Development: Building a Basic Grant Budget.

Two (2) half-day workshop and five (5) concurrent sessions (four (4) required sessions from each topic area; one (1) elective session)

About Practice of Research Administration and Management (PRAM) - NO on-sites available

The Practice of Research Administration and Management (PRAM) certificate focuses on the supervision and organization of research activities from an organization management perspective. Core content for the certificate emphasizes leadership development, research administration staffing and management, research and faculty development, innovation and economic development, and integrity and stewardship. The required half-day workshop for this certificate is WS28: A "Big Bang" Approach to the Practice of Research Administration and Management??.

The certificate is appropriate for research administrators who are generally at a Director or higher-level within an organization and who are involved in organization decision-making activities affecting the research enterprise. 

A letter of support is required to obtain certificate credit for this workshop and complete the certificate. Apply here for certificate credit

Submit a letter of recommendation from your supervisor supporting your position within the organization and your participation in the workshop. Apply for certificate credit here

The support letters will be evaluated by the PRAM Certificate Reviewers and individuals will be notified about their acceptance. Upon acceptance, SRAI will work with the individual to finalize the registration.

Letters of recommendation should identify the following:
  • The individual’s title and role in the organization. If the individual does not hold a Director level title, an explanation of why the individual should participate in PRAM should be provided.
  • How does this person participate in organizational decision-making activities affecting the research enterprise? These can be activities of a financial, infrastructure, or strategic nature. If the person interacts with senior-level organizational officials, cabinet, and/or board members, please explain how.
One (1) half-day workshop and five (5) concurrent sessions (must take one (1) session within each of the five (5) required categories; three (3) elective sessions from the specified sessions for this certificate)

About Research Law (RL)

The "theory of everything" (TOE) is a hypothetical theory studied in theoretical physics that is intended to fully explain and link together all known physical phenomena. The Research Law certificate is similar to TOE in that it attempts to explain and link together all known issues of research administration. Legal issues arise throughout research, starting with intellectual property issues, continuing through contract and grant matters, and living on in post research licensing, "derivative works disputes," and post-clinical trial liability questions. The Research Law certificate is for both new research administrators who need a basic approach for recognizing the legal issues that they will face daily and for the more experienced administrator who works with general counsel and outside attorneys on a daily basis. Because there are so many legal issues in research, the curriculum is very broad and constantly changing to address new issues confronting scientists, research administrators and their attorneys. The required full-day workshop for this certificate is WS14: Introduction to Research Law

One (1) full-day workshop and five (5) concurrent sessions (must take one (1) session within each of the four (4) required categories; one (1) elective sessions from either category)

About Introduction to Research Administration and Management (IRAM)

The comprehensive curriculum - developed by some of the "best of the best" instructors in the field - provides an overview and introduction to the broad field of research administration and management. Elements of the curriculum include understanding the environment and context within which research administration is conducted as it relates to such diverse areas as:
  • research law,
  • research ethics,
  • fiscal management,
  • regulatory compliance,
  • sponsored program administration, and
  • pre- and post-award management.

The required full-day workshop for this certificate is WS1: Fundamentals of Research Administration & Management

One (1) full-day workshop and seven (7) concurrent sessions (must take one (1) session within each of the four (4) required categories; three (3) elective sessions from either category)

About Certificate Tracking Booklet

Download the Certificate Tracking booklet Here. (This is the final version of the certificate tracking booklet that can be received onsite at SRAI Registration.)

The tracking booklet allows members to easily record their progress. Pick up a Certificate Tracking Booklet at registration and obtain a sticker at the conclusion of each workshop or session. Once all coursework has been completed turn in your documentation to Registration at the meeting or e-mail it to srameetings@srainternational.org to receive your certificate of completion. If you attended a workshop or session at a previous SRAI meeting, list the meeting on the line next to the course. SRAI staff will verify your attendance at previous meetings


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