Learning Cafés and Quick Talks

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SRAI offers additional learning opportunities beyond concurrent sessions and workshops. 

Learning Cafés

Learning Cafés are informal gatherings of attendees, led by a moderator(s) and are meant to be an open forum for discussion of a pre-identified topic. The Learning Cafés allow for closer interaction for attendees to “continue the conversation” with peers. The Learning Cafés are meant to encourage networking and connecting with peers for future interactions after the conference ends. Learning Cafés are labeled with a session code that begins with “LC”.

Quick Talks

A Quick Talk is a 15-20 minute presentation that will be combined with two other similar presentations in one 60-minute session. The Quick Talks are meant to present on hot topics in a short and synopsized manner. Quick Talks are labeled with a session code that ends with “-00” and “A”, “B”, or “C” (i.e. M100A, M100B, and M100C are all quick talks that will be presented and combined under one similar topic session).
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