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Our Annual Meeting is moving online! Join us during the month of October for even more access to the content you enjoy at our annual meeting. We're offering a slate of workshops, main events, educational tracks and social networking opportunities designed to fit our members' schedules and needs.

Welcome and Introduction to SRAI

Welcome iSRA 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting Attendees!

We have organized a series of events to make the most of your #iSRA2020annualmeeting experience.

Welcome Event

Please join us for the Welcome and Introduction to SRAI event on Monday, October 5 at 6:00 PM EDT. SRAI has many programs that can provide Research Administrators a leg up in professional development. This virtual welcome will provide more information on opportunities such as Certificate programs, networking with peers, and how to get involved with the SRAI community. 

SRAI Connect Community

SRAI Connect allows members to do just that: Connect with other RA’s! Theon Mond020 iSRA Newcomers Community is open to everyone. The community will allow members to see posts by SRAI Leaders, ask questions, and answer our RA Question of the Day!

After-Hours Education Mixers

Join the After-Hours Education Mixer to discuss your sessions, see some new faces, and have time to wind down! These Mixers will take place after the first day of each track. To mix it up attendees will join and be placed in random groups. Groups will change every 10 minutes so put your networking face on! We ask you to join with your camera, please do not call in on a phone.

Join us at 5:00 PM EDT on October 15, 22, 26, and 29. 

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