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Our Annual Meeting is moving online! Join us during the month of October for even more access to the content you enjoy at our annual meeting. We're offering a slate of workshops, main events, educational tracks and social networking opportunities designed to fit our members' schedules and needs.

Social Media Kit



Tell your friends and colleagues about the iSRA 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting

  • Use the conference hashtag #iSRA2020annualmeeting in all your social media posts related to the conference. Suggested posts below are written for Facebook and Twitter, but they can be used across LinkedIn by removing @SocietyRAIntl.
  • Follow @SocietyRAIntl on Twitter and Facebook to re-share conference-related content across your social media platforms. And find us on LinkedIn Society of Research Administrators International.
  • Follow presenters and re-share their posted content. If everyone uses the conference hashtag, all posts will be aggregated there and you can connect with fellow presenters and help promote their sessions as well as your own.

Share these messages on social media, or develop your own!

Copy and paste these suggested posts on social media and help spread the word about your attendance at the #iSRA2020annualmeeting!

Pre-event: August 1-October 2, 2020

  • Quality research has never been more important, and I am so excited to continue my education at the @SocietyRAIntl #iSRA2020annualmeeting this October. The virtual schedule allows for more flexibility and I’m looking forward to attending more sessions this year! Check out the full conference schedule and register: https://www.sraannualmeeting.org/2020/index.cfm
  • Looking forward to the @SocietyRAIntl #iSRA2020annualmeeting! Take a look at the full conference schedule and register to join me in continuing education here: https://www.sraannualmeeting.org/2020/index.cfm
  • I can't wait to attend the @SocietyRAIntl #iSRA2020annualmeeting presentation on [insert title] at [insert time/date]! Come check it out for yourself, last-minute registration is still available: https://www.sraannualmeeting.org/2020/index.cfm

During event: October 5-October 30, 2020 

  • 2020 has kept a lot of people from growing their networks and meeting new colleagues. That's why I am excited to attend the @SocietyRAIntl  #iSRA2020annualmeeting and participate in [insert game night, newcomer's event, after-hours education mixer, section business meeting, etc] and get to know more RA's! Take a look at the full schedule and plan to see some new faces: https://www.sraannualmeeting.org/2020/events.cfm
  • Find some teammates for the iSRA Game Night at the @SocietyRAIntl #iSRA2020annualmeeting! Follow the link below to sign-up and win big bragging rights at the iSRA Virtual Fabulous Feud [insert link] 
  • I learned so much at the @SocietyRAIntl #iSRA2020annualmeeting! My favorite session(s) by far were [(insert title(s)]. You can catch the recording: [insert link] 
  • [If speakers have multiple sessions]: I really enjoyed today's session @SocietyRAIntl #iSRA2020annualmeeting from [insert speaker] on [insert session title]! Check out the other sessions [insert speaker] has to offer: https://www.sraannualmeeting.org/2020/schedule1.cfm 
  • I really enjoyed the keynote speaker today [insert name of speaker] at the @SocietyRAIntl #iSRA2020annualmeeting! My top two takeaways were [insert two points made by speaker during keynote session].

Post-event: November

  • I learned so much at the @SocietyRAIntl #iSRA2020annualmeeting! My favorite session(s) by far were [(insert title(s)]. You can catch the recording: [insert link] 

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