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Our Annual Meeting is heading to Las Vegas!
Join us October 31 - November 4 for a great line-up of workshops, keynote speakers, educational tracks that cover every facet of research administration and connect with like-minded professionals from across our global community.


2022 SRA International Symposium Poster Presentations

This year, YOU have the opportunity to be a part of the Symposium Poster review process! In addition to being evaluated by a review panel for the 2022 Best Poster of the Year Award, each Symposium Poster is also up for the 2022 People’s Choice Award. This award is, yes you guessed it, voted for by our annual meeting attendees. From Wednesday, November 2 through Friday, November 4 all of the Posters will be on display in the Exhibit Hall. From 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm on Thursday, November 3 stop by to look at all of the posters and meet & greet with the Poster authors as they present their Posters. Access the 2022 SRAI Annual Meeting app and vote for your favorite poster!   

Accepted posters are competing for the 2022 Best Poster of the Year Award as well as the People's Choice Award. Competing for the Best Poster of the Year Award:
  1. Internal Funding Programs - Institutional Successes and Lessons Learned
    • Author(s): Cira Mathis, Maleeka Bintarsh, Aseela Al Dhaheri
    • Representing: Khalifa University
    • View Poster>>
  2. Approaches to Optimal Recovery of Indirect Costs for Research Activities
    • Author(s): Stella Kakeeto, Susan Mawemuko, Elizabeth Nambi
    • Representing: Makerere University 
    • View Poster>>
  3. Increasing Grant Capacity at Smaller Institutions through Innovative Services
    • Author(s): Devon Hill, Beth Wild, Christine Johnson, Kenneth Sewell
    • Representing: Oklahoma State University
    • View Poster>>
  4. Research Administrators and the Success of Research Mentoring Programs for Early Career Researchers
    • Author(s): Antony Matsika, Thokozile Mashaah
    • Representing: University of Zimbabwe-HEPI-PETRA Program
    • View Poster>>
  5. HRPP/IRB Administrator Competencies: A Delphi Study
    • Author(s): Alyssa McKinley, Nicole Cobb, Kacey Strickland
    • Representing: Mississippi State University 
    • View Poster>>
  6. A Strategic Framework to Optimize Sponsored Research Services: A Transition from a Small to Medium Institution
    • Author(s): Fernando J. Rosario-Maldonado, Soreli M. Santana-Muñiz, Claris A. Vega, Doris A. Andújar-Pérez
    • Representing: Ponce Research Institute
    • View Poster>>
  7. BYU’s Research Development Coordinating Council: A Roadmap for Strategically Growing Research Administration
    • Author(s): Kristen Kellems, Jamie Mitchell, Aimee Knudson, Erica Miller
    • Representing: Brigham Young University 
    • View Poster>>
  8. Developing a Data-Driven Approach to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in a Specialized Research Setting
    • Author(s): Ryan Salewski, Dendra Hillier
    • Representing: Western University 
    • View Poster>>
  9. Research Billing Compliance: Bridging the Gap
    • Author(s): Anna French, Amber Nova, Kendra Varian, Alexia Segura
    • Representing: Intermountain Healthcare
    • View Poster>>
  10. The Versatile Research Administrator—Bringing Strengths to the Research Administration Table
    • Author(s): Bonita Mahaffey, Lizethe Pendleton, Erna Serezlic, Anna French
    • Representing: Intermountain Healthcare
    • View Poster>>
  11. Does the Shoe Fit
    • Author(s): Erna Serezlic, Bonnie Mahaffey, Anna French, Alexia Segura
    • Representing: Intermountain Healthcare
    • View Poster>>
  12. Dreaming Toward the Future: Feasibility Process Mapping
    • Author(s): Renee Vaughan 
    • Representing: Duke University SOM
    • View Poster>>
  13. Grant Professionals as Stewards of Public Resources: A Mixed-Methods Content Analysis of Grants Management Curricula in Master of Public Administration Programs
    • Author(s): Luke Parker 
    • Representing: Arkansas State University
    • View Poster>>

Each year SRAI has a tradition of publishing contributed professional posters at its annual meeting, which are designed to advance and enrich the body of knowledge of research administration and management as an art and science.

Posters should represent an important contribution to the research administration body of knowledge or successfully demonstrate significant milestones of success that are of interest or importance. They should not be used as a marketing resource for an institution’s success, but should articulate advances in research administration or management.

Submission is open to any individual whose scholarly or professional interest is related to research management. Topics must focus on areas of research administration specialization such as:
  • Pre-award Processes Human Research
  • Post-award Processes Animal Research
  • International Research Administration Intellectual Property
  • Research Infrastructure and Growth Technology Transfer
  • Strategic Planning Publication Standards
  • Financial Management Human Resources Management
  • Computer Science Other Research Administration-Related Areas
  • Research Ethics
Accepted posters will compete for the Best Poster of the Year Award during the SRAI Annual Meeting.

For more information, please contact symposium@srainternational.org.

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