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Our Annual Meeting is heading to Seattle!
Join us October 14-18 for a great line-up of workshops, keynote speakers, educational tracks that cover every facet of research administration and connect with like-minded professionals from across our global community.


The Society of Research Administrators International maintains 10 Certificate programs encompassing every aspect of Research Administration – Hospitals, Universities, Nonprofits, and Commercial Institutions. SRA International’s Certificate programs offer comprehensive training specific to today’s educational needs of research administrators.

  • The curriculum for each program includes required workshop(s), four (4) to eight (8) required sessions and one (1) to six (6) elective sessions.
  • Certificate program course credit is earned and awarded only if full SRAI membership is in effect at the time the course is taken. In other words, only full members may receive credit for taking Certificate program workshops and sessions. Chapter members, non-members and those with lapsed membership will not receive educational credit for any Certificate program sessions or workshops taken during this time.
  • SRAI members have up to three years to complete the courses from a specific Certificate program requirement, allowing you greater flexibility to manage time, travel and budget constraints. 

The four (4) Certificates that will be offered in full at the 2023 SRAI Annual Meeting are: 

About Introduction to Research Administratrion and Management (IRAM)

Ideal for someone new to the profession or as a refresher for a more seasoned research administrator, The Introduction to Research Administration and Management (IRAM) certificate explores the broad scope of the multi-faceted profession of research administration.

The comprehensive curriculum - developed by some of the "best of the best" instructors in the field - provides an overview and introduction to the broad field of research administration and management. Elements of the curriculum include understanding the environment and context within which research administration is conducted as it relates to such diverse areas as:

  • research law,
  • research ethics,
  • fiscal management,
  • regulatory compliance,
  • sponsored program administration, and
  • pre- and post-award management.

Download the IRAM Certificate Tracking Sheets

About Leadership (LD)

Individuals generally get selected into leadership positions because of strong technical skills; however, they excel in these positions based on their ability to interact successfully with others and communicate in effective ways. There is a need to understand one’s self and work to develop strong competencies in others.

The comprehensive curriculum - developed by knowledgeable and successful leaders in the research administration - provides an overview and introduction to the communication and other necessary skills to lead research administration and management offices. Elements of the curriculum include personality and leadership assessments and sessions in conflict management, change, delegation, diversity communication skills and using metrics to help with team effectiveness.

Download the Leadership Certificate Tracking Sheets

About Research Integrity (RI)

The Research Integrity Certificate provides a foundation for identifying, understanding and addressing the complex ethical dimensions of conducting research. The Certificate identities specific categories which will provide an understanding of the critical elements of successful administration of a research integrity program. The program has been redesigned to cover the essential elements of research integrity management for research administrators. The redesign maintains the required workshop curriculum, which introduces the student to the knowledge required to understand research integrity administration.

The Research Integrity Certificate covers issues relevant to colleges and universities, research hospitals and institutes, government agencies, non-profit funders of research, and industry. Elements of the curriculum include protocol review, compliance review board review, research misconduct, foreign influence, research security, and researcher issues. These elements, along with other relevant topics, will be presented in a combination of one half-day workshop and seven sessions to complete the program. The session will include six required sessions and one elective session—no more than two sessions from any single category.

Download the Research Integrity Certificate Tracking Sheets

About Research Law (RL)

The law related to the administration and management of research is incredibly broad, diverse and dynamic. While research administrators frequently work with in-house counsel and sometimes with outside counsel, the Research Law Certificate is designed to give research administrators an overview of the magnitude of the multiple legal issues associated with research. Research administrators taking this Certificate will be provided with sufficient information and substance to effectively identify legal issues and communicate effectively regarding potential solutions to such issues. Lawyers working with research institutions work on cases and policy relating to a broad range of topics that include access to artificial intelligence, confidential information, insurance coverage, conflicts of interest and other ethical issues, drugs safety and international relations. In part because of the breadth of the field, the law related to research activities also cuts across and involves doctrine and practice from an even wider area ranging from tax law, criminal law and even issues that involve freedom of speech implications.

Law related to research administration is practiced in multiple settings: federal, state and local government; mediation; universities, health care, business, and legal services organizations; advocacy nonprofits; and private law firms, to name a few. Some research administrators may hold a juris doctor (JD) although they may not serve as lawyers for their organization. They may serve in roles such as compliance, contract negotiation, policy drafting or advocacy work. This diversity makes the law related to research a field where almost anyone can find an area of interest, and where those working within the field can find new challenges in an ever-changing landscape.

Because of the foregoing, the Research Law Certificate is broadly structured to cover an array of topics with concentrations in those areas of most common concern. The Certificate is based on an intensive workshop survey of the various aspects of the law that will touch almost every research administrator and lawyer working with research institutions.

Download the Research Law Certificate Tracking Sheets

Certificate Tracking

You are responsible for tracking your attendance at each session through the i-Attend Self Check-In App. You can download the app by searching "i-Attend Self Check-In" in your app store. Track your sessions by logging in using your email address and password SRAI2023

Each session will have a Certificate Tracking sign in the room. Either scan the QR code or enter the Event Pin in the app with Organization ID: SRAI and your email address. If you have problems using the app, check-in on the website

To view your scanned sessions click here. Use Organization ID: SRAI, your email address, and password SRAI2023 

Prefer to go low tech? Not a problem! Click here to download the full Certificate Tracking Booklet.  Track your session by writing "Fall 2023" on the line corresponding to the session or workshops you've completed and return to SRAI Registration. 

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