2024 SRAI Symposium Poster Presentations


SRAI's Symposium is a great way to get involved and showcase your own work and expertise at the Annual Meeting. At SRAI's annual meeting, we promote a tradition of showcasing professional posters contributed by research administrators like you. These posters aren't just displays; they're presentations of innovation and insight that push the boundaries of research administration and management, enriching and advancing our profession.

Posters should represent an important contribution to the research administration body of knowledge or successfully demonstrate significant milestones of success that are of interest or importance. They should not be used as a marketing resource for an institution’s success but should articulate advances in research administration or management.

Submission is open to any individual whose scholarly or professional interest is related to research management. Topics must focus on areas of research administration specialization such as:
  • Pre-award Processes Human Research
  • Post-award Processes Animal Research
  • International Research Administration Intellectual Property
  • Research Infrastructure and Growth Technology Transfer
  • Strategic Planning Publication Standards
  • Financial Management Human Resources Management
  • Computer Science Other Research Administration-Related Areas
  • Research Ethics
Accepted posters will compete for the Best Poster of the Year Award during the SRAI Annual Meeting. To be considered for participation, please:
  1. Read the Guidelines for Symposium Posters
  2. Submit a Notice of Intent
Deadline for submission is July 19.For more information, please contact

Poster Presenters are not the only Symposium participants--in addition to being evaluated by a review panel for the 2024 Best Poster of the Year Award, each Symposium Poster will compete for the 2024 People’s Choice Award, voted for by SRAI Annual Meeting attendees themselves! On Tuesday, October 29, stop by to look at all of the posters, meet & greet with the authors, and ask your questions as they present their posters. Attendees can vote for their favorite posters directly through the 2024 SRAI Annual Meeting app.

Accepted posters will compete for both the 2024 Best Poster of the Year Award and the People's Choice Award. Check back in October to see this years list of posters!

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